High ropes park

High Ropes Park

The Plešivec High Ropes Park is divided into two sections: kids and adults. Kids will climb over 11 obstacles from 1 to 3 metres above the ground; adults can currently choose from three courses of various difficulty levels.

3 routes for adult visitors are located directly in the treetops at a height of 4 to 12 metres and include bridges, climbing frames, rope obstacles, crossings, swings, nets, footbridges and more. There is also a “free fall”, a drop from 70 m or a jump from 16 m.

Before the adventure visitors are trained by an experienced instructor and everyone will naturally use climbing gear.

The Plešivec lookout tower is located near the high ropes course and those who get hungry while climbing the obstacles can refresh themselves in the local hotel with a restaurant.
  • You will be trained by an expert instructor
  • Climbing belay will be provided
  • The high ropes course is certified
  • Only persons over 10 years of age and over 140cm tall are allowed on the high ropes course.

If you wish to visit with children they can use the children's high ropes course designed especially for them.
Opening hours - MARCH-OCTOBERSat - Sun

Lanový park Plešivec

Dětský lanový park Plešivec


We have always wanted to design an actual high ropes course for children that would resemble the adult version enjoyed by their parents. We didn't want a playground with simple climbing frames.

Naturally, the safety of the children has always been our priority. That's why our high ropes course in the “children’s forest” is provided with safety nets.

  • 11 different obstacles
  • 1 m to approx. 3 m above ground
  • Continuous belay throughout the entire course
  • Don't forget to bring your camera or camcorder!


A unique experience and 100% adrenaline!
A giant swing is no cupcake. When we pull you up to a height of 16 m, we believe that the splendid view of the resort and surrounding mountains will be your last concern.

As you soar just above the ground, brace yourself for a thrilling surge of speed. Then, as a rewarding treat for your accomplishment, the swing will carry you skyward, granting you a fleeting sensation of weightlessness, unlike anything else on our planet.

The best thing about the giant swing is that you can share the swing with a partner and share this unusual adrenaline experience. You will not find this anywhere else in the Czech Republic.

  • Minimum height of each daredevil - 130 cm!
  • Chance to swing in pairs.
  • We measured a G-force of 3.41

Obří houpačka Plešivec

Bungee trampolína Plešivec


Try out various acrobatic elements without the risk of falling.

You may wonder how come the price is calculated for 5 minutes but, believe it or not, there are so many things you can do on the bungee trampoline that 5 minutes will be enough to exhaust you completely.

Bungee trampoline is a special trampoline designed for safe high jumps. We dress you in a special harness which is connected to the rope lifting system by elastic bundles. The elastic bundle is adjusted to your weight to give you maximum support when jumping. Thanks to the perfect security during the jump and impact it is possible to perform forward and backward flips or even multiple flips!

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