Price list winter

  • All-day tickets are uploaded on chip cards with a deposit of CZK 100.
  • The first time the ticket passes through the turnstile it is devalued and bound to the holder's person, thus it is NON-TRANSFERABLE!!!



1 day980 CZK490 CZK790 CZK
4 hours850 CZK450 CZK650 CZK
3 hours790 CZK420 CZK590 CZK
8 hours *1 790 CZK1 190 CZK1 450 CZK
from 14.00350 CZK200 CZK300 CZK
1 ride Pstruží, Modes200 CZK100 CZK150 CZK
1 ride Abertamy150 CZK80 CZK120 CZK
* The 8-hour card counts down every full hour after the first pass through the turnstile. During the winter season, it can be used for any number of hours can during the day.


2 days1 890 CZK900 CZK1 450 CZK
3 days2 690 CZK1 350 CZK2 190 CZK
4 days3 290 CZK1 750 CZK2 790 CZK
5 days3 990 CZK2 100 CZK3 390 CZK
6 days4 590 CZK2 500 CZK3 990 CZK
7 days4 890 CZK2 600 CZK4 390 CZK
3 of 5 days2 790 CZK1 550 CZK2 390 CZK
5 out of 7 days4 190 CZK2 350 CZK3 490 CZK

Season ski passes

Season ski pass10 990 CZK5 900 CZK8 500 CZK
Season pass until 20. 12.8 990 CZK4 500 CZK6 990 CZK
Season pass until 30. 11.7 990 CZK4 000 CZK5 990 CZK


2+2 (each additional 50%)2+11+2 (each additional 50%)
Family season passes24 990 CZK20 900 CZK15 900 CZK
Payment by 20. 12. 20 990 CZK18 900 CZK13 900 CZK
Payment by 30. 11.18 990 CZK17 900 CZK12 900 CZK


2+2 (each additional 50%)2+11+2 (each additional 50%)
Family one-day 2 690 CZK2 290 CZK1 790 CZK
Family two-day4 990 CZK4 190 CZK
3 190 CZK


  • Adults born 1962 to 2008
  • Senior born before 1961
  • Children born 2009 to 2017
  • Student - ISIC, ITIC, IYTIC, ALIVE card holder


All types of season passes can only be purchased online and paid by bank transfer. Please pay by bank transfer to the account no. 500115912/0800, account holder Skiareál Plešivec s.r.o. Please enter the variable symbol 2023 and your name in the note (one name is sufficient for family ski passes). To issue a ski pass, you must provide a recent photo (in passport or ID card format), preferably by email to

  • Hourly fares are valid on the day of purchase from the first pass through the turnstile for the number of hours purchased.
  • When purchasing child and senior tickets you will be required to present a document with the date of birth (ID card, passport, health insurance card).
  • In case of suspected misuse of child or senior fares the customer may be required to present documents with the date of birth. If they fail to do so or if the details do not comply with the terms and conditions of sale, the pass will be invalidated without refund.
  • The deposit for the ski pass is refundable at the PLEŠIVEC resort. The hourly fare is valid on the day of purchase from the first pass through the turnstile for the number of hours purchased.
  • The cash desk and check-in system are under CCTV surveillance!
  • The first pass through the turnstile devalues the ticket and binds it to the holder's person, making it non-transferable. The operator reserves the right to invalidate a ticket transferred to another person without refund.
  • When purchasing a family ski pass, proof of family membership must be provided. Family means parents and their children born 2009 - 2017.


We will inform you about the possibility of purchasing gift vouchers from our partners.


Snowtubing is out of operation.

Exclusive introductory prices
Number of ridesPrice
1 ride50 CZK
5 rides200 CZK
10 rides380 CZK

Ski School & Children´s park

Children's park

  • Our clients can use one of the largest and most modern children's ski parks in the Czech Republic with an area of 10, 000 m2 equipped with four magic carpets (30-80m long), a children's ski carousel, children's FUN park and many other attractions.
  • The entire children's park is also available to the general public for private lessons. The price of admission includes the use of our teaching aids. If you feel helpless in learning how to ski, do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to give you advise :)
  • All is FREE for holders of the Plešivec ski resort full-day ski pass
Opening hoursDaily9:00 - 16:00
1 person (child/adult)Full day150 CZK

Ski prep school

  • Group courses, designed for children 3-4 years old
  • This is the best preparation of our young skiers inspired by the latest trends. Children get used to the snow, the cold, the feeling of sliding, the "long boot" in a playful way. In short, they learn the basics of skiing without even realising it :)
  • Our goal is to get children excited, motivated, make sure they do not bend backward, improve their balance and overcome fear
  • The group course lasts 60 minutes
  • The morning course runs from 9:00 to 10:00
  • The afternoon course runs from 13:30 to 14:30
Ski prep school60 minutes
1 child500 CZK

Snowboard group courses

  • group courses are designed for children aged 5 years and older
  • group classes are held daily and last 90 minutes
  • group course runs from 12:00 - 13:30
  • children are divided into groups according to their snowboarding skills
  • ski pass for the duration of the lesson is included in the price
  • if there is only one person in the group, the duration of the lesson will be reduced from 90 to 60 minutes. The price will not change
Snowboard group courses60 minutes
1 person570 CZK

Private lessons

Private lessons1 hour (60 min.)2 hours (120 min.)
1 person950 CZK1 800 CZK
2 persons1 300 CZK2 500 CZK
3 persons1 600 CZK3 100 CZK
Each additional person CZK 300/hour

Holiday clubs  

Holiday clubs  
Date of the eventPrice
ChristmasDecember26. - 30. 12. 20236 000 CZK
Saturday schoolJanuary6, 13, 20 a 27. 1. 2024
5 000 CZK
Spring breakFebruary12. - 16. 2. 20246 000 CZK
Saturday schoolMarch2, 9, 16 a 23. 3. 20245 000 CZK



1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days7 daysnext day
Carving - skis + poles400 CZK780 CZK1 160 CZK1 530 CZK1 900 CZK2 250 CZK2 590 CZK400 CZK
Downhill boots130 CZK260 CZK380 CZK480 CZK580 CZK670 CZK760 CZK130 CZK
Carving race skis + poles600 CZK1 050 CZK1 500 CZK1 930 CZK2 260 CZK2 770 CZK3 180 CZK600 CZK
Children's downhill boots100 CZK180 CZK260 CZK330 CZK400 CZK460 CZK520 CZK100 CZK
Children 120 skis + poles260 CZK410 CZK560 CZK690 CZK820 CZK930 CZK1 040 CZK260 CZK
Ski poles40 CZK80 CZK120 CZK160 CZK200 CZK240 CZK280 CZK40 CZK
Snowboard 146-164500 CZK860 CZK1 220 CZK1 560 CZK1 900 CZK2 220 CZK2 540 CZK500 CZK
Snowboard 125-145400 CZK670 CZK940 CZK1 190 CZK1 440 CZK1 670 CZK1 900 CZK400 CZK
Snowboard boots170 CZK330 CZK480 CZK620 CZK750 CZK870 CZK980 CZK170 CZK
Helmet100 CZK180 CZK270 CZK360 CZK450 CZK540 CZK630 CZK100 CZK
Spine protection100 CZK180 CZK270 CZK360 CZK450 CZK540 CZK630 CZK100 CZK
Top VIP test skis750 CZK1 350 CZK1 950 CZK2 530 CZK3 110 CZK3 670 CZK4 230 CZK750 CZK


Downhill skis - up to 130 cm
Small ski servicegrinding of the base, edge angulation, final structure + waxing450 CZK
Large ski servicesmall ski service + repair of grooves by melting the material500 CZK
Downhill skis - over 130 cm
Small ski servicegrinding of the base, edge angulation, tuning of the bottom edge, final structure + waxing600 CZK
Large ski servicesmall ski service + repair of grooves by melting the material750 CZK
Racing ski servicegrinding of the base, complex edge treatment, race structure varying - arrow, waxing1 000 CZK
Small snowboard servicegrinding of the base, edge angulation, final structure + waxing650 CZK
Large snowboard servicesmall snowboard service + repair of grooves by melting the material850 CZK
Cross-country skis
Small cross-country service - touring skis grinding of the base, final structure + waxing500 CZK
Large cross-country service - touring skissmall cross-country service + repair of grooves by melting the material700 CZK
Adjustment of binding on an electronic bench with certificate

250 CZK
Other services
30 minutes - Special work 

300 CZK
1 hour - Special work
550 CZK

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