Michal Prokop Trailpark

TRAILPARK PLEŠIVEC – Michal Prokop Trailpark is a brand new trailpark in the Czech Republic built under the direction of rider Michal Prokop, three-time world champion in fourcross.

Trailpark accessible by the 1,400 m long Pstruží chair lift offers all levels of flow trails and is suitable for everyone from beginners to the most experienced riders.

We are currently preparing an overview of routes with difficulty filter options. For each trail you will find an elevation profile, a short description and a photo gallery - this feature will be available in the coming days.


The first stage of the Trailpark construction began in spring 2020 and the first section was opened during the summer. Currently, 15 kilometres of trails are in operation. Further construction of additional trails and sections is underway. Follow our social media for regular updates.  

Visitors to the trailpark can use the catering services in the Plešivec restaurant or in the “U Dostyho” bar with an outdoor barbecue. RockMachine is a bike and other equipment rental service. Accommodation in the Krušné hory Plešivec area is available at two establishements: Hotel Plešivec and Horská chata Zelené Údolí.

Trailpark Plešivec


Helen (blue trail)
Gently descending easy trail, ideal for beginners and families with children. Modified flowtrail, playfully undulating and descending easy trail. Contains a variety of terrain undulations and banked turns and is popular with riders of all levels from intermediate to experienced trail enthusiasts. Length 5.5 km & elevation gain 226 m.
Niki (red trail)
A moderately difficult trail designed for cyclists who already have experience with off-road riding. A playfully undulating trail with a natural surface full of bumps, banked turns and small jumps, spiced up with technical elements made of stones. Trail for intermediate to experienced bikers. Everyone will be tested by the descent from the "Valach" rock. Length 4.2 km & elevation gain 226 m.

„Rock n Rola" (red trail)
Rock’n’Roll is a unique trail that you won't find anywhere else in the Czech Republic or in Europe. The first part is built of stone blocks forming a flow trail and will test many a biker. The rocky surface slowly turns into a clay trail spiced up with stone elements, smaller jumps and banked turns. The trail is designed for experienced bikers as well as less skilled riders who want to push their limits. The trail requires 100% concentration throughout its entire length.

The Rock’n’Roll trail branches off to the Saint Terese trail designed for highly skilled riders. This trail is a short link, but it is very challenging and requires perfect bike control.

NIKI Enduro 
(red trail)
An enduro trail where you can test your skills before heading out on the black enduro trails. Length 1 km.

Daniela (black trail)
Enduro trail for more experienced riders whose  self-preservation instinct will be put to a test here. Length 1.3 km & elevation gain 228 m.

Jelena Extreme (black trail)
Difficult enduro trail suitable only for technically very advanced bikers with a high level of bike handling skills. Trail with natural surface in steep slope with highly technical and extremely challenging terrain. Some parts of the trail include unstable terrain, minor drops, steep rocky descents and riding on a diverted slope. Length 2.2 km & elevation gain 291 m.

JUMP LINE has several difficulty levels. Blue is the easiest, Red is moderate and even the less experienced can ride it.

A new PRO LINE is under construction. There are 3 jumps with a length of 8 to 12 meters. PRO LINE is being prepared for very experienced riders. All riders are kindly asked to take a good look at the jumps before starting the ride. Please take extra caution when riding on the PRO LINE due to the crossing with the forest road with potential traffic.

Easy Ella (black trail)
Enduro trail for more experienced riders whose  self-preservation instinct will be put to a test here. Length 1.3 km.

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